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BETTER PLAY THE .BLEND FILE! (.EXE is prone to failure)

I'm Guillem Carbonell and I made this game for the #xkcdGameJame 2017, by Xavier Ekkel.

It took me about 56h (two days and a half) to put it together. Proudly done with Blender, GIMP and Inkscape. It was the first time I used Python for real.

You can find me at g@ubik.bz or Twitter/@ubikretail ;)

Licensed under GPL & CC-Attribution.


Install instructions

Simply click the .exe file or open the .blend (recommended) with Blender (2.79 used).


LOIC Complex by Guillem Carbonell v2.zip 114 MB
LOIC Complex by Guillem Carbonell v1.zip 90 MB

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